Qutb al-Din Hasan bin Ali Ghauri

Qutb al-Din Hasan bin Ali Ghauri
   One of the freeborn nobles of Ghaur who joined the service under Qubacha in 1226. He later held the office of wakil-i dar under Iltutmish (1211-1236). Raziya Sultan (1236-1240) raised him to the position of deputy in command of the army (naib-i lashkar). In 1252, when Balban was temporarily ousted from power, the office of na'ib-i sul-tanate (viceroy) came to be occupied by him. He was arrested and put to death in 1255 after Balban had regained power at Nasir al-Din Mahmud Shah's court.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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